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Wooden theater with...
Anima Scena

Wooden theater with its decor

Brand: Anima Scena. Reference 27027316.
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Age: 3 + years
Dimensions: H. 120 x W. 75 cm
Material: wood
A beautiful wooden theater in yellow and orange/red tones. Solid, stable, it is equipped with red curtains to open and close your show! A black curtain is used on the top, which closes the set and facilitates the downlighting if necessary ; photographers will take advantage of it.

The theater comes with a double-sided decor (so that make TWO decors) to be hung in the background so as to give an atmosphere to your stories...

Chhhh... the show is going to begin!

Included decor may vary according to arrivals.
Comes flat. Adult assembling required.
Anima Scena 27316
Wooden puppets theaters theatres with its decors Animascena scena le coin des enfants pretend play role hand puppets show story telling yellow orange red
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