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Wooden Solitaire Game
Gerhards Spiel und Design

Wooden Solitaire Game

Brand: Gerhards Spiel und Design. Reference 53400306.
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Age: 8 + years
Dimensions: 25 x 25 x 2 cm
Material: solid oiled beechwood
A beautiful game for 1 or 2 players aged 8 to 99.


This "game for one" originates back to an unlucky French aristocrat who was thrown into prison by the "Sun King" Ludwig XIV. He passed the time away playing an improvised "Fox and Goose game" from which the present day Solitaire originally developed.

The player jumps with a single marble over other marbles - the "jumped over" marbles are consequently removed from the board, leaving one final one remaining on the middle spot.

Also includes the rules for "Fox and Geese" and "Wolves and Sheep".

• 1 Board made of solid oiled beechwood
• 34 marbles

About Gerhards' games
These games combine creativity with an elegant design and the highest quality craftsmanship. They make playfull presents that are appreciated for their great design.

Made in Germany.
Gerhards Spiel und Design 53400306
Wooden Solitaire Games gerards gerhards spielunddesign und design classics classical board play alone gifts presents adults
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