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Windmill Track - Ball...

Windmill Track - Ball Track Rollerby



Reference 9300438.
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Age: 2 + years
Material: beech wood, plywood, plastic
For ages 2 to 8.
Contents: 1 windmill wheel ramp, 1 large gateway, 1 archway with little bell, 1 steep curve, 2 straight tracks, 2 ramps, 10 connecting elements, 1 start block, 3 columns, 1 ball Paul, 1 ball cat, 1 ball.
Conception: Ines Frömelt, Anna Lena Räckers, Jan Schenkel

Windmill Track - Ball Track Rollerby (HABA)

In the "Ball Track Rollerby" series, this is an attractive basic pack full of Rollerby fun! Later, it may be completed by the other tracks and accessories of the range.

Made in Germany.

About Ball Track Rollerby by Haba
Rolling, rolling... Rollerby! Here the balls perform at their best and highest. They roll accross the colourful play scenes, rattle over steep curves, zip past gates and windmills. The clever click system permits subtle adjustments in the heights to guarantee non-slip stability. Aside from being secure, an added benefit is that the large balls with cute faces and the many fantastic effects provide everlasting excitement for the youngest. Older children can make up their own experiments and try thier own architectural variations of the Rollerby.
Haba 300438
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