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Ticket to ride United...
Days of Wonder

Ticket to ride United Kingdom + Pensylvania Expansion


Days of Wonder

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Age: 8 + years
Dimensions: box 29,5 x 29,5 x 4 cm
Author: Alan R. Moon
Illustrations: Julien Delval
Players: 2 to 5 players aged 8 and up
Duration of play: 30 to 60 minutes
Contents: Map of United Kingdom (2-4 players), Map of Pennsylvania (2-5 players), New Train cards & Tech Cards (United Kingdom), New Stock Share Cards (Pennsylvania), Tickets & Rules for each Map (multilingual)

Ticket to ride United Kingdom + Pensylvania Expansion

Warning : this is not a stand-alone game! It requires an original copy of "Ticket to ride" or "Ticket to ride Europe" to play.

Place the first rails of the glorious train adventure that all started in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland in the 19th century. Learn to master the power of steam to build trains that go faster and farther, develop your technologies, and reach the far cities of Scotland and Ireland before your opponents!

Also includes the Pennsylvania map - in a state full of railroad history, invest in the most profitable companies to develop your rail network. But do not let your opponents outbid you, or you risk losing the benefits of your investments!

Made in Germany.
Days of Wonder AVE16
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