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The Melody of the...
Puzzle Michèle Wilson

The Melody of the Fairies Wooden art puzzle (Cathy Delanssay) 50 pieces

Brand: Puzzle Michèle Wilson. Reference 10206.
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Age: 7 + years
Dimensions: 29 x 21 cm
Material: wood from sustainable forest management
Illustrator: Cathy Delanssay

Approx. 50 pieces, with a model to the size of the puzzle, in a zippered pocket.

Puzzle handcrafted in France: the artisans perform meticulous gestures that allow you to get a unique puzzle. These masters of jigsaw puzzles follow the lines of the drawing to create a puzzle where every piece is different.

The wood comes from renewable forests.
Puzzle Michèle Wilson W206-50
wooden art puzzles handcrafted made in France michèle wilson artistic artists The Melody of the Fairies Wooden art puzzle Cathy Delanssay
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