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The Kiss (Gustav...
Puzzle Michèle Wilson

The Kiss (Gustav Klimt) Wooden Puzzle for adults 250 pieces


Puzzle Michèle Wilson

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Dimensions: 16 x 27 cm
Material: European poplar wood from sustainable forest management
Handmade wooden jigsaw art puzzle for adults, approx. 250 pieces

The Kiss - Gustav Klimt (1907-1908)

A unique skill
In a small village of Burgundy, in France, a unique skill has been practiced for many years handed down from one generation to another: that of the art jigsaw puzzles in wood Michèle Wilson. These masters of the art of manipulating the jigsaw are able to follow the color countours of the design, and so create a jigsaw puzzle in which each single piece is unique.

A challenging game
Manual cutting reflects the style of the work of art, chosen in the world's most famous museums. Sky parts are shaped as clouds, sea wave can be seen in the water... This technique yields jigsaw puzzles which are three to four time more difficult than the classic versions.

A work of art
As the saw is extremely thin, the jigsaw puzzles are wonderful in a frame.

Wooden art puzzle made in France. Wood from renewable forest plantations.
Puzzle Michèle Wilson P108-250
The Kiss Gustav Klimt Wooden Puzzle for adults artistic jigsaw arts puzzles by Michèle Wilson artists handmade handcrafted
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