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Superdisc flying disc...

Superdisc flying disc Ø24cm



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Dimensions: Ø 24 cm
With the Superdisc, Alan Adler returned to his original flying toy mission of inventing an improved "Frisbee." Conventional flying discs such as the Frisbee have a center of aerodyanmic lift near the leading edge of the disc in flight. This creates a tendancy for a flying disc to roll right during right handed throws and to roll left during left handed throws. The breakthrough spoiler rim design of the Superdisc, like the spoiler rim of the Aerobie rings, centers the aerodyamic lift of the disc during its entire flight, making the Superdisc a very stable flyer. The result is a flying disc that is very easy for people of all skill levels to throw well.
Aerobie 3071
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