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Royal Princess Cape -...
Great Pretenders

Royal Princess Cape - Kid Costume ages 5-6

Brand: Great Pretenders. Reference 51955.
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Age: 5 + years
Royal Princess Cape - Kid Costume - Costumes and accessories by Great Pretenders

This royal Princess cape is a delicate marriage of dusty gold and blushing pink. A fine metallic lace is paired with soft organza, creating a story book Royalty feel that invokes images of a modest Maid Marion, wedding Robin Hood in a wood at sunset. Or other adventures of course! Because capes are necessary to shroud magic and fun, we've made our most deluxe cape yet.

A costume for children aged 5-6.

Warning: this hooded cape is sold on its own. The dress shown on the picture is not included.
Great Pretenders GP51955
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