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Projecting Torch - Les...
Moulin Roty

Projecting Torch - Les Papoum

Brand: Moulin Roty. Reference 658360.
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Dimensions: 16 x 14 cm
Material: plastic
Projecting Torch - Les Papoum by Moulin Roty

This super lamp allows the projection of illustrations on a wall... Here is a nice alternative to the book before going to sleep!

The torch womes with battery and three discs of 8 illustrations. A disc is chosen, inserted into the lamp, and then you just have to invent the story that connects the various illustrations.

About "Les Papoum" series by Moulin Roty
Les Papoum is a collection with soft, tender colours. Lions, hippos and elephants are meeting in the middle of the savannah for swimming under the starry sky... A beautiful collection by Moulin Roty.
Moulin Roty 658360
Projecting Torch Les Papoum moulin roty discs images pictures illustrations projectors tell stories story lamps kids children baby babies
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