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Patarev Modelling Clay...
Fun Frag

Patarev Modelling Clay Jewellery


Fun Frag

Reference 26879.
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Age: 7 + years
Dimensions: Box 16 x 20 x 3,5 cm
Models:Béatrice Garel

Package Contents:
- 5 pots 18g: blue, yellow, red, white and purple
- 1 accessory bag: 20 rhinestones, 2 mounting rings, nylon thread
- 2 satin cords
- 1 record with seven models achievements presented step

Gemstones and glitter are inlaid delightfully into the soft, light texture of Patarev, to create the most wonderful jewellery. The suggested designs are explained with the help of step-by-step photographs.
Fun Frag 879
Sentosphère FunFrag fun frag Patarev jewelry princess rhinestones glitter texture not with not small model create paste with shape creations boxes kits creative pots of manufacture
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