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nic CombiCar - excavator
nic Toys

nic CombiCar - excavator

Brand: nic Toys. Reference 132662.
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Age: 12 + months
Dimensions: Dimensions of the overall vehicle: length 75 cm, height 46 c
Material: Beech wood
The shovel is lowerable by means of the tipping mechanism (red button). The slewable steering handle serves as a hoisting winch at the same time.

The nic CombiCar is available as a basic vehicle (ref. 132660) that can be combined with different set-ups and a trailer. The set-ups are very easily interchangeable with a flick of the wrist. The system is suited for use inside and outside, but should be kept dry. All CombiCar parts are made of high quality beech wood, exclusively from the annual fell in European forests. Paints and varnishes are spittlefast and sweatfast and totally free from toxicants.
Product and finish according to the European Standard "Safety of toys" (EN 71).
Made in Germany
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