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My Very First Games -...

My Very First Games - Eeny, meeny, moo, where will I find you?

Brand: Haba. Reference 9301856.
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Age: 2 + years
Dimensions: box 23 x 15 x 6,5 cm
Author: Miriam Koser
Illustrations: Mascha Greune
Players: 1-3 players aged 2 and more
Duration of play: 5 to 10 minutes
Contents: 18 animal tiles (3 each: rooster, dog, cat, cow, sheep, pig), 3 houses, 2 roofs, 1 game instructions (multilingual).

Eeny, meeny, moo, where will I find you? - My Very First Games - HABA Games

Farm animals play hide & seek. Who wants to help search for them? Two entertaining game ideas provide diverse educational opportunities. Eagle eyes and an elephant's memory win this farm theme hide & seek game.

Two amusing memory games for 1 to 3 children aged 2 and up.

• quality game materials of wood and cardboard
• increasing complexity for long-term game enjoyment

Made in Germany.
Haba 301856
My Very First Games Eeny meeny moo where will I find you Haba Miriam Koser Mascha Greune yojng ones children kids play learnings rules memory farme animals hide and seek observation
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