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Musical Mobile - Jolis...
Moulin Roty

Musical Mobile - Jolis trop beaux - Moulin Roty


Moulin Roty

Reference 665058.
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The musical mobile - Les jolis trop beaux - Moulin Roty

For the greatest pleasure of baby, the mobile musical Les Jolis Trop Beaux entertains and soothes your little one when falling asleep.

The 4 friends of the Too Good Beaux turn over the head of baby and play its sweet melody to help your baby fall asleep.

About Moulin Roty's "Les jolis trop beaux" collection

Mr. Bear is wiggling! The little Mouse too choupi plays with confetti and the cute Bear cub scatters all his party favors. The rabbit too cuddly found his friends. Quick ! It deserves a photo, they are really TOO FINE!
2018 celebrates the arrival of a new collection called Les Jolis Trop Beaux, a nice family portrait consisting of a big brown bear protector, a bit clumsy, a polar bear tender and reserved, a small delicate mouse and bitch, a rabbit both wise and joker. An affectionate band of characters between friends and siblings living in a graphic universe, fun, full of colors and fantasy, consisting of accessories around the house.
This new range, mixed, rich and very diversified has for specificity, the association of a wide range of colors and textures, like a tender wink to its cousins, The Pretty Not Beautiful ...
Moulin Roty 665058
mobile musical suspension bed mill roty moulintoy jolis trop beaux animals
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