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Museum Jorn Mobile
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Museum Jorn Mobile


Flensted Mobiles

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Dimensions: 58 x 50 cm
Material: cardboard
Design: Museum Jorn, Michala Stigkjær, Ole Flensted

This mobile has been developed in cooperation with Museum Jorn, Asger Jorn's beautiful museum in Silkeborg, Denmark.

The four small figures in the mobile have been based on some of Asger Jorn's early sketches, done with Indian ink on paper.

Jorn's sketchbooks bred a great diversity of creatures which he gave highly imaginative names, such as "Aganakker", "Pikipofer" and "Feligramser". A sketch book from 1939 teems with 70 small creatures all jumbled together on a single page, some of them in pairs, others separate.

The figures have been selected, graphically modified and juxtaposed in such a way that they form the letters J O R N. They have been coloured using Asger Jorn's palette as the point of departure. The figures are also used as an element of one of the logos at Museum Jorn, Silkeborg. The mobile expresses spontaneity, playfulness, experimentation - all of them important themes in Asger Jorn's works.

Once upon a time...
Mobiles are a traditional craft in Denmark, but the modern mobile was created in 1954 by Christian Flensted and his wife Grethe. Their first design, the stork mobile, was a great success, and now flies all over the world. Christian became known as the "Uromager", a name impossible to translate in English which means a maker of things mischievous and always on the move. Today, their son Ole and his wife Aase continue the tradition, with ideas for new and original mobiles issuing regularly from their "Department of Space Research".

Made in Denmark.
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