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Levistick - Levitation...

Levistick - Levitation Stick - Flow Wand

Brand: Gora. Reference 13002.
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Dimensions: 70 cm
Levistick (or Levitation Stick) : the flowing, dancing magic Wand

Levistick stands for "Levitation Stick". This accessory is easy to use (even by children) and produces a spectacular effect: it seems that the manipulator makes the levitating wand dance. In reality, a simple nylon string is attached to the rod that responds to hand movements.

Invented and used by magicians, the levitation stick is now used for dance or circus arts.

This model is fiberglass and covered with an adhesive deco. Its ends are sheathed in transparent silicone to cushion any shocks with the beginner manipulator.

Colours according to arrivals. If you want to choose a colour, call us on +33 (0)297 475 692 before confirming your order. We will tell you the colours available.
Gora JDL002
Levistick gorahu Krisztian Gora Levitation Sticks Flowing Wands dancing magic magicians accessories accessory dance dancers show streets circus arts
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