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It-Boy (plush beaver...

It-Boy (plush beaver 34cm) - Sigikid Beasts

Brand: Sigikid. Reference 38455.
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Dimensions: 34 cm
Upper fabric: plush
Filling: polyester wadding

It-Boy (plush beaver 34cm) - Sigikid Beasts

He simply has that certain something. Even as a little beaver he loved posing in front of the camera for everything from toothpaste to environmental organizations, and he always had a big grin on his face. Today he's still a welcome guest at any party and on every red carpet. Smart, furry and always good for a funny celebrity story. He's anything but superficial, however: He often sits by the water for hours thinking about God and the universe. If you have what it takes to move with grace and ease on any stage along with the patience to gaze into the depths with him, then you may soon be his Number One.

Wool wash cycle at 30°C.

About the "Beasts" collection by Sigikid
These cuddle animals from sigikid are anything but ordinary. From neurotic storks to touchy goats, to hysterical chickens, to depressive bears or to testosterone bumped bulls – the illustrious BEASTS tribe are all very peculiar characters. Any resemblance to stars, politicians, family members, bosses or colleagues is completely intended and makes them absolutely human! So, if you should get one of these wonderful cuddlies as a present you may ask yourself with a wink if you might have little in common with your BEAST.
Sigikid 38455
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