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FlashPad Mat for...

FlashPad Mat for FlashCups

Brand: FlashCups. Reference 39551.
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Dimensions: 80 x 35 cm
Material: neoprene
A must for all Sport Stackers!

The FlashPad is the perfect surface upon which to stack for both beginners and experienced stackers alike. Not only does it reduce the noise (a benefit for your family and neighbours) but the high quality, 2mm thick Neoprene foam mat also provides the perfect combination between stability and sliding which is essential for achieving fast times.

FlashPars are a definite advantage at competition level, minimising the risk of cups slipping at the wrong time while maximising the sideways slide movement.

The highly stable substance is also extremely hardly and can withstand extensive use making your FlashPad a good investment for the future.
FlashCups 3955
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