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Elf Floral Bloom - 24cm

Elf Floral Bloom - 24cm



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Age: from birth
Dimensions: 24 cm
Elf Floral Bloom - 24cm - babi Corolle

Elf 1000 flowers, the soft baby doll for early learning

When my parents held my Elf 1000 flowers soft baby doll out to me for the first time, they gave it a little rattle. Straight away, I heard a little tinkling sound that made me smile. So I could hear it again, I grabbed my Elf 1000 flowers soft baby doll by its hat, jiggled it and the little bell tinkled again! I do this every day and I wonder where the tinkling noise comes from. My Elf 1000 flowers soft baby doll is so light that I can easily clutch it by its arms and legs. I hug it and I love the fact it's so soft! As soon my nose comes close to its realistic, reassuring face, I feel myself wrapped in the soft vanilla fragrance. This scent comforts me, even when my parents are far away. My Elf 1000 flowers soft baby doll is small (10 inches) so I can take it with me everywhere I go; I never want us to be apart! My Elf 1000 flowers and I are inseparable. Because even if I leave it somewhere, it will be returned to me as it has a label for writing my name or my parents' telephone number.

Machine washable, delicate cycle.
Corolle FPJ84
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