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Diamond Magic Wand -...
Great Pretenders

Diamond Magic Wand - Costume Accessory

Brand: Great Pretenders. Reference 15400.
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Age: 3 + years
Diamond Magic Wand - Costume Accessory - Costumes and accessories by Great Pretenders

Diamond wands; a.k.a. handheld magical bling. Wave this wand at anything and watch sparkles fly. At the tip of every wand sits an irresdecent (and gigantic, might-we-add) diamond. Is it a real diamond??? We let little girls be the judge of that. Accompanied by color matching hot cut organza ribbons (prevents fraying) and fluffy marabou, this wand has it all: Diamonds, organza, satin ribbon, feather and pearls. A great add-on to any gift.

Colours vary according to arrivals. Sold per unit.
Great Pretenders GP15400
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