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Souza for kids

Costume Captain Maximiliano - Costume for Boy

Brand: Souza for kids. Reference 55658.
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Age: 3 + years
Captain Maximiliano Outfit, costume for boys - Souza for Kids - Child Costume

The set includes the pair of trousers, the vest and the jabot.

About "Souza for Kids" costumes...
In the Souza for Kids collection, the designer has tried to use washable materials as much as possible. Because of the design, the clothes are easy for children to use and they are very durable. The size range is extensive, so it's perfect for the growing child. With the large range of design available, these costumes are great for both parties and for playing at home!
Souza for kids 658
captain Maximiliano costume 2 coins collar white trousers black red tail from magpie souza for kids disguise children pirates attacks corsairs
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