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Clever Bear Learns to...

Clever Bear Learns to Count - Educational game

Brand: Haba. Reference 93547.
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Age: 4 + years
Dimensions: box 22 x 5 x 22 cm
Author: Anja Dreier-Brückner
Illustrator: Anja Dreier-Brückner
Players: 2-5 players aged 4 to 8
Duration of play: 5-10 minutes
Contents: 1 Clever bear's counting threader, 1 die showing numbers, 1 die showing hands, 1 die showing dots, 40 cards, Set of game instructions.

Clever Bear Learns to Count - A educational game HABA

“One, two, three – Clever Bear counts with me!”. In four games, the Clever Bear familiarizes the children with counting from 1 to 10 and first arithmetic, with the help of the counting threader and the dice with symbols or numbers.

• Includes ­counting threader
• Collection of educational games with 4 game ideas
• Counting and first calculations within the number range 1 to 10
Haba 3547
Games of society Haba game Children Girls Boys bear The bear learned learn at Count calculation educative Figures numbers chains large Dice Boards Laces Count Anja Dreier-Brückner
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