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Captain Hook Set,...
Great Pretenders

Captain Hook Set, Brown - Costume for Boy ages 5-6


Great Pretenders

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Age: 5 + years
Captain Hook Set, Brown - Costume for Boy - Costumes and accessories by Great Pretenders

Captain Hook must be the most well-known pirate ever. It's a no-brainer; who forgets about a man with a hook for a hand? There must be at least a hundred other things he could've replaced his hand with did he ever stop to think about practicality? A hook... of all things, seriously? Well, we're not here to argue otherwise. It's never a good idea to argue with pirates, and this one was a captain... Every kid who's ever dreamed of being a pirate probably lists him at the top of the list, so he must be doing it right. With this Captain Hook Set, receive the whole kit and kaboodle: pirate pants, Napoleon-style hat and coat, eye patch, last but not least, hook (duh!). This 5 piece set is great value, and the machine-washable costume features suede-like detailing and quality construction for a costume that will be sure to inspire mischief!

A costume for children aged 5 to 6.
Great Pretenders GP66105
Captain Hooks Sets Brown Costumes for Boys kids children coats hats Napoléon style pirates eyes greatpretenders pretenders disguises carnival party
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