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Beads and Stars Design...

Beads and Stars Design by Charlotte Gastaut

Brand: Djeco. Reference 119805.
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Age: 7 + years
Dimensions: box 21 x 23 x 2,5 cm
Design: Charlotte Gastaut
Contents: 4 boxes of beads, one reel with 5 coloured ribbons and elastics, an illustrated locket with coloured chain, 2 small illustrated lockets, a range of small accessories, 1 sample colour booklet.

Ooh, beads! Beads and Stars.

A great activity for ages 7-13:
- simple ideas for setting beads without clasps ;
- also includes a lovely variety of small accessories ;
- selections of colours let you mix and match and always find the right combination.

... everything in a pretty box... what a nice gift!

"Girls' delight" is a massive range of creative ideas just for girls: gift boxes that will melt the hearts of girls of all ages, a selection of fun activities, and creations they will be really proud to have made.
Djeco DJ09805
Beads and Stars Design by Charlotte Gastaut ooh beads girls delight creative kits activities pearls make jewels Jewellery jewelry necklaces violets purple
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