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Alice acti-fox -...

Alice acti-fox - Lilliputiens Smart Wonders

Brand: Lilliputiens. Reference 86710.
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Age: 3 + months
Dimensions: 40 x 11 x 12 cm
Alice acti-fox - Lilliputiens Smart Wonders

A colourful ribbon and a pretty feather are all it takes to disguise Alice the Fox into a cute little Native American. A mirror, a bell, a teething ring and rustling paper noise: she has so many activities to offer!

But where did Alice find this little feather? Enter the world of Smart Wonders and discover the whole story...

About the "Smart Wonders" by Lilliputiens
The "Smart Wonders" collection includes toys that are 100% Lilliputiens: they ally discovery, creativity and fun, but with a secret plus: an app that gives life to some virtual little wonders ! The free application may be downloaded from App Store or Google Play. Then, just scan the Lilliputiens "Smart Wonders" toy and it comes to life in several fun and exciting animations.
Lilliputiens 86710
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