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My First Railway Bell...

My First Railway Bell Signal

Brand: BRIO. Reference 337071.
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Age: 18 + months
Dimensions: 8,2 x 7,6 x 8,6 cm
My First Railway Bell Signal - My first Railway System by BRIO

Watch out, here comes your train. The bell signals every time your train passes by. Your train can go fast or slow, the bell will always ring and warn everyone not to cross the track.

About "My first railway" by BRIO
When children start playing with toys they show great curiosity for details and focus on one at a time. They enjoy rolling the trains back and forth, on or off the tracks, but they might not see a need for the entire railway world yet. So BRIO created a railway specifically for the way the toddlers play. They even created patented ramps for you to attach to the ends of the track. In this way you can drive on and off the tracks with your train easily. Every wagon has its own shape, happy colours and funny functions. The clever connection magnets will connect with wagons in every direction.
BRIO 33707
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