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Zao Dog Doll - Les Zig...
Moulin Roty

Zao Dog Doll - Les Zig et Zag


Moulin Roty

Reference 659021.
Model stopped.
Age: from birth
Dimensions: 41 cm
Zao Dog Doll - Les Zig et Zag Collection by Moulin Roty

About the "Les Zig et Zag" series by Moulin Roty
On the way to the plateaux of Mongolia, you will meet a horse, a funny dog, a storyteller and musician sheep... They come from snowy countries where the moonlight brings a bit of magic! The music of their banjo warms the wind that blows to the ears of babies, sweet melodies to dream... These nomad companions tell their adventures by the fireplace... Come share with them, their new stories...
Moulin Roty 659021
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