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YoyoFactory SuperNova - Aluminium Yo-yo



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Age: 8 + years
Weight: 67,5 g
Material: ultra-premium 7075 aluminum
Diameter: 5, 63 cm
Width: 4,42 cm
Gap: 8 mm

Developed by the Champion Tyler Severance, the SuperNova is the ultimate modern performance yo-yo.

Made of aluminum, it has a wide gap and a completely redesigned weight distribution. The SuperNova has been chosen by many of the world's top yo-yo players as their choice for competition and it is now available to anyone who is ready to take their yo-yoing to the next level.

Comes in a clear plastic box to avoid damaging the yoyo during transport. SuperNova boxes fit together: if you have multiple SuperNova yoyos, you can fasten their boxes together. Smart!

Model:Blue-Black Acid Wash with the SuperNova "Star" logo. A note about this version:

"Nothing good happens after dark"
This YoYo is a tribute to all the nights we should've gone to sleep earlier, practiced
harder, and actually picked a song before the day of the contest. A sample of the
old Supernova Logo, while playing off the space theme and the midnight blue color
creates a uniquely YoYoFactory YoYo.

YoYoFactory SP-YO-120
YoyoFactory Supernova Aluminium Yo-yos yoyos yos Factory alloy sports performance competition Tyler Severance night dark Blue Black Acid Wash stars logo
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