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YoYoFactory QU4DRO -...

YoYoFactory QU4DRO - Aluminium Yo-yo



Reference 29151.
Model stopped.
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Age: 8 + years
Weight: 65 g
Material: aluminium
Diameter: 5 cm
Width: 3,8 cm

QU4DRO : a "Special Edition" yo-yo for the European market, by YoYoFactory

In cooperation with four of the best European YoYo players, Mateusz Ganc (Poland), Kojo Boison (Germany) ), Vashek Kroutil (Czech Republic) and Dave Geigle (Germany), YoYoFactory Europe has developed a Full Metal YoYo, which embraces especially newcomers and ambitious beginners. Compact body, wide shape, neutral weight management, high quality workmanship and an optically high value shiny anodize make this yoyo not only a perfect beginner item, but even more a longtime companion to support the player on the way from beginner to pro.

The QU4DRO comes pre-assembled with a small SPEC bearing, which allows the player to play with “response”, meaning that the yoyo will return to the hand with a tug at the string. This helps to learn the first tricks with fast sense of achievement for the player. By changing to the included wide SPEC bearing the QU4DRO becomes a free spinning “pro” yo, able to handle the hardest tricks in the playbook. The outstanding feature of the QU4DRO though is its low price, which is on the same level as high value plastic yoyos.

As an additional feature our four pro players document the high value of this item by giving their signatures, which are laser marked all four on each single QU4DRO. Each player has chosen his favorite color: Mateusz Ganc > gold ; Vashek Kroutil > violet; Kojo Boison > black; Dave Geigle > green. The QU4DRO is the first YoYo produced by YoYoFactory exclusively for the European market. This is made visible by the “YoYoFactory EUROPE” laser mark.
YoYoFactory SP-YO-96
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