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Y Fliker Junior J2 red...
Y Volution

Y Fliker Junior J2 red - Self-propelling Scooter

Brand: Y Volution. Reference 100049.
Model stopped.
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Age: 3 + years
Dimensions: 60 x 45 x H 67 cm
Weight: 2,5 kg
Y Fliker J2 red - Junior Series - 3 wheeled self-propelled scooter by Y Volution

The Y Fliker J2 is a 3-wheeled scooter designed for kids aged 3 to 5.

There is no need to "kick" as a two-wheeled scooter: just move your hips from side to side to move forward and gain speed... That's why we speak of "self-propelled" scooter.

Thanks to this innovative propelling mode, the YFliker J2 offers exceptional thrills and chills! Its lightness and performant PU wheels provide tremendous maneuverability.

The scooter is also equipped with ergonomic handgrips and anti-slip footplates.

A playful way to develop toddlers' balance, coordination and motor skills.

Maximum loading weight: 20 kg.
Y Volution 100049
YFliker Fliker Junior series J2 red Self propelling Scooters three wheels wheeled Yvolution volution kids children urban mobility riders riding jeunes petits
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