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Y Fliker Air A3 red -...
Y Volution

Y Fliker Air A3 red - Self-propelling Scooter

Brand: Y Volution. Reference 1000339.
Model stopped.
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Age: 7 + years
Dimensions: 96,5 x 54 x H. 95 cm
Weight: 8,1 kg
Y Fliker A3 red - Air Series - 3 wheeled self-propelled scooter by Y Volution

The Y Fliker A3 is a 3-wheeled scooter designed for kids, teens and adults (7+ years and 80kg max).

There is no need to "kick" as a two-wheeled scooter: just move your hips from side to side to move forward and gain speed... That's why we speak of "self-propelled" scooter.

Thanks to this innovative propelling mode, the YFliker A3 offers exceptional thrills and chills! Its lightness and performant PU wheels provide tremendous efficiency. For freestyle riders, the A3 YFliker has a lot to offer (carving, drifting, etc.)...

The scooter is also equipped with an efficient brake on the handlebars: it is secure. Its high performance rubber handles are anti-vibration for maximum comfort.

Last practical detail: the scooter is foldable! It is very easy to store thanks to its "Twist & Stow" folding storage system. It's always ready to go wherever you take it!

Reinforced steel tubing. Polypropylene footplates.
Y Volution 100033
YFliker Fliker Air series A3 red Self propelling Scooters three wheels wheeled Yvolution volution kids children teens teenagers adults urban mobility riders riding
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