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Wooden Rattle Toy - Pig

Wooden Rattle Toy - Pig

Brand: EverEarth. Reference 533578.
Model stopped.
Age: from birth
Dimensions: W 9,5 x D 1,2 x H 5,9 cm
Material: beech wood
Grasping Toy

Grasper - Teether - Sound Maker

FSC Certified - Natural Wood - BPA bisphenol a free.

To clean wooden parts, use a damp cloth.

About the brand EverEarth
"EverEarth toys are created not only for the safety of children, but also for the safety of our planet. Renewable materials, water based paint, soy ink printing, recycled paperboard and ICTI certified factories are just a few of the ways we are helping to keep our planet and our children both happy and healthy."
EverEarth 33578
Everearth pigs jack pink purple rattle shake shapes grounds wood awakening babies first toys wood teeth bite view catch twist teeth dentition watch
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