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Wooden Learning Bike...
Scratch Europe

Wooden Learning Bike Owl - Ages 2+


Scratch Europe

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Age: 2 + years
Dimensions: 66 x 44 x 37 cm
Weight: 3 kg
Material: wood
Wooden Learning Bike Owl - Ages 2+ - Scratch Wooden Toys

An easy and fun transition to real cycling, thanks to this tough Scratch balance bike with funny little flies. It's got no pedals and is pushed along by your child's walking movements. This way, children learn to keep their balance naturally and feel safe on two wheels. Their feet can always touch the ground so they can gain control over the bike at any time. Scratch balance bikes are equipped with restricted steering so that the handle bars' angle of rotation is limited, meaning your child will not lose his/her balance when turning. The transition to cycling on a pedal bike is much easier in children who do well on balance bikes!

Please note: Children can reach high speeds on this balance bike. We recommend using a cycling helmet.
Scratch Europe 6181436
Wooden Learning Bikes Owls Ages two green white kids children young toddlers preschool balance learners two wheels scratch europe outdoor toys pedalless years
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