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Wishbone Wagon
Wishbone Design

Wishbone Wagon

Brand: Wishbone Design. Reference 792018.
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Age: 12 + months
Weight: 12,6kg
Design : Richard Latham

It's 3in1! Classic wagon, soap-box racer and foot-to-floor car. For ages 1 to 10.

Wishbone Wagon brings the the past and the present together in this innovative heirloom toy by award-winning designer Richard Latham. Play your best.

- Push, pull, steer - so much more than a wagon
- Kids play together for hours
- Easy no-tool convertibility
- Sustainable birch, aluminium and steel construction for outdoor use. Store indoors.
- Air-filled tires for a smooth ride
- Exciting play options for all ages from 1 to 10. Maximum 50kg/110lbs.

Wishbone Wagon is childsplay to transform: with three handle positions for push & pull play, a steer-or-stow steering wheel, and flip-up hatch for foot-to-floor fun. Built to last from sustainably-grown birch wood and air-filled tyres.

Wishbone Wagon adapts to suit every child any day. Pull your gear or toddler to the beach with ease. Take your friend for a ride. Install the steering wheel, flip open the hatch and drive your very own "flintstone" car to the park. Grab a helmet, close the hatch and race this soap-box cart downhill.

Transforming Wishbone Wagon between play combinations is so easy its childsplay - encourages independent play. Wishbone Wagon is another timeless toy from Wishbone that children and parents will love.

“We want to ensure that whatever we make delivers more, outlasts your child and can be passed on to the next generation,” says Jennifer McIver, co-founder of Wishbone Design Studio. Wishbone Wagon is a slam dunk. It's multi-functional, impressively simple to use, and gorgeous to look at.”

Meets current international safety standards.
Wishbone Design 6000
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