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Winding Fun Who knows...

Winding Fun Who knows how to make things turn

Brand: Selecta. Reference 81458.
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Age: 18 + months
Dimensions: 20,5 x 20,5 x 4 cm
Material: Wood
Content: game board with 7 wheels, 1 wheel with a crank and 3 wood blocks geometric shape.

"Winding Fun" Who knows how to make things turn?

The more the toothed wheels are placed correctly so that they interlock, the more of them turn around. Countless positioning possibilities for these colourful geometric shapes entice little engineers to try and test. Based on the trial-and-error principle, young engineers find out which positions bring about the best movements. This trains concentration, promotes motor skills and develops an understanding of geometric shapes in a playful fashion.
Selecta 1458
selecta Kurbelspass wheels gears forms geometric multicolored small crank toys in wood baby selectaspielzeug spielzeug winding fun
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