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Walter's castle and...

Walter's castle and the princess

Brand: Lilliputiens. Reference 86620.
Model stopped.
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Age: 12 + months
Dimensions: 26 x 23 x 42 cm
Walter's castle and the princess - Lilliputiens

Build the castle by putting together the three pieces and invent a whole host of stories in the company of your favourite characters. Will you be able to find the treasure chest that Walter the dragon has locked up? Look, the princess is imprisoned on the top floor of the keep! Phew, Prince Charming has arrived on his noble steed to save her and take her away on his horse. Once the story is over, take apart the pieces of the castle to put it away.

About Lilliputiens
More than pleasant to the touch and to the eye, the Lilliputians toys also have an educational role. With their multiple colors, materials, shapes and sounds, they stimulate all the senses and encourage little ones to become creative. The Lilliputiens toys follow the development of the child through its various phases of development: at each age, they will always have something new to offer.
Lilliputiens 86620
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