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UNIQ Quad - 4-line...
Peter Lynn

UNIQ Quad - 4-line Single Skin Kite

Brand: Peter Lynn. Reference 105235.
Model stopped.
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Wind: Force 1 to 4 (Beaufort)
Recommended lines: Included
Peter Lynn UNIQ Quad - 4-line Single Skin Kite

The UNIQ Quad is part of the "UNIQ" series by Peter Lynn: single skin kites that are light, efficient and almost indestructible. The "UNIQ Quad" version is the most performant model: a 4-line landkite that comes with handles, which is great to discover traction kite flying and - for those who wish to - kite buggy riding.

Light, the UNIQ Quad offers a wide wind range. It comes "ready to fly": unfold, unwind the lines and... fly! The kite is easy to control and rather dynamic. It is said to be 40% to 60% more powerful than a "classic" open cell (double skin) kite of the same size.

Kite comes complete with Dyneema® lines (18 meters, 200Kg control lines+ 100kg brakelines) and 4-line handles, in a zippered carrybag.

The UNIQ Quad is available in two sizes: 1.5m², 2.5m², 3.5m² and 4.5m². One colour per size.

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Peter Lynn VMPL5235
UNIQ Quad four lines Single Skin Kites powerkites peterlynn lynn landkites with handles
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