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Tumblin-Dice - Game of...

Tumblin-Dice - Game of dice

Brand: Ferti. Reference 780023.
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Age: 6 + years
Dimensions: 74 x 41 cm
Author: Randy Nash
Players: 2 to 6 players aged 6 and up
Duration of play: 15 minutes

Tumblin-Dice - Board Game of dice

Put your skills and nerves to the with Tumblin-Dice!

One after the other you will propel your dice on the scoring track with a flick of your fingers as far as you can, while ejecting the competition if possible. The perfect flick will yield you 24 points with a "6" on the "4x" level, but don't take your score for granted. The other players will try to knock your dice off the scoring track with theirs. Once all the dice have been played the round is over and the scores are tallied. The first player or team to reach 301 wins the game.

100% Wooden Board!
Game with mutilingual rules.
Lots of different variants for different levels of fun.

Colours and product details can vary from the picture on the box.

Made in France.
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