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Tricycle Puky 1L...

Tricycle Puky 1L Capt'n Sharky (2+)

Brand: Puky. Reference 67024.
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Age: 2 + years
Weight: 6,0 kg
Tricycle Puky 1L: a sturdy tricycle for kids aged 2 and above

A toy that children will love... a vehicle that parents will greatly appreciate!

For young ones, everything is there: steering lock, automatic free wheel with locking, adjustable guide pole with comfort handle... From 2 years, children will enjoy going out, comfortably installed on their vehicle that you will push with great ease.

The rear boot lets you take a bottle and a few toys. It's also very funny to load rocks and tilt the tipper!

Older ones will enjoy a playful and comfortable vehicle. Pneumatic tyres, steplessly adjustable seat to reach the pedals "perfectly", safety handlebar grips and even the handbrake!

PUKY 1L assets:
• "real" pneumatic tyres
• steplessly adjustable seat
• steering lock
• built-in steering limit
• tipper
• adjustable guide pole with comfort handle
• automatic free wheel with locking
• handbrake
• safety handlebar grips.

Impact resistant powder coating.

Made in Germany. TÜV-certified product.
Puky CAT1L2368
Puky 1L one Tricycles two years baby babies young kids children buggy urban mobility city
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