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Tomboy Stunt Kite

Tomboy Stunt Kite

Brand: Spiderkites. Reference 181015.
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Dimensions: 195 x 90 cm
Wind: Force 2 to 5 (Beaufort)
Sail: Ripstop Nylon
Recommended lines: Included
Frame: Ø6mm fibergless-carbon hybrid

Design: Christoph Fokken

Tomboy Stunt Kite - Spiderkites

Designed by the German kite-flyer Christoph Fokken, the Tomboy is an excellent intermediate between a kite for beginners and a more technical kite. Nice wingspan (195 cm), flying qualities, good make and finish...

The Tomboy provides a good feeling in the lines, with a reliable behavior allover the wind window. This kite is a perfect first kite for teenagers and adults, featuting an unbeatable pleasure/price ratio... don't wait, give it a try!

The kite is complete with a set of Dyneema lines, a pair of straps and a Kitebag that converts so that it fits the stack completely assembled, length continously variable.
Spiderkites 181015
Spiderkites Tomboy Boy red large stunt kites beginners initiation adults teens teenagers complete with lines and handles learners kites volkensturmer Christoph Fokken
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