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The Treasure of the 13...

The Treasure of the 13 islands - Adventure Game



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Age: 6 + years
Dimensions: box 34,5 x 34,5 x 6,5 cm
Author: Marco Teubner
Illustrations: Adam Stower
Players: 2 to 4 players aged 6 to 99
Duration of play: 20 minutes
Contents : 1 round board (9 pieces), 4 character tiles, 4 playing pieces (+ stickers), 1 grand treasure (card), 1 pilot's hat, 30 tiles with research objects, 35 cards (5 treasure clue cards, 15 damage cards, 15 mission cards), 1 set of game instructions (multilingual).

The Treasure of the 13 islands: a daring adventure game for 2 to 4 players aged 6 to 99 - Haba Games

Who's feeling brave and wants to go on an exciting adventure? Then fly into the air and set a course for the 13 islands! The airship must first travel to cliffs, volcanoes and make its way through the dense fog. Part of the game is to collect rare artifacts and mysterious objects on the island. That's how a group of researchers will impart their important clues to help find the legendary treasure. But time is running out! Because other pilots have also been searching for the treasure. Who will be the first to unravel the mystery of the 13 islands and earn the legendary treasure?

- enormous board
- innovative game structure
- an exciting treasure hunt for the whole family

Made in Germany.
Haba 300972
The Treasures of the 13 islands Adventure Games touch skills Haba Marco Teubner Adam Stower adventurers secrets hunts kids children family
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