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Ten Trick Yo-yo...

Ten Trick Yo-yo

Brand: YoYoFactory. Reference 2250.
Model stopped.
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Age: 8 + years
Dimensions: 34,9 x Ø 64,6 mm
Weight: 64,6 g
Material: plastic
Ten Trick Yo-yo by Yoyofactory

Each year, YoYoFactory develops new yo-yos that are more and more performant and more and more affordable... The Ten Trick is a perfect example.

It has a classic shape, like the first professional Yo-Yos that were ever manufactured. It is equipped with a plastic bearing that is super efficient and gives an outstanding ease of use.

This yo-yo is responsive, meaning it will come up to your hand when you tell it to. It has been called the "Ten trick" because it has been designed for beginners to dominate the 10 basic tricks that every player should learn.
YoYoFactory YO-250
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