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Tambouri OPEN - Mobile...
Colours in Motion

Tambouri OPEN - Mobile for indoor/outdoor


Colours in Motion

Reference 458840.
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Material: UV-resistant and weatherproof spinnaker
Sail: Polyester
Design: Wolfgang Grimsel (Allemagne)
Dimensions: 2 discs Ø30cm et 2 discs Ø20cm
Frame: strainless steel wire
Model: Tambouri "O P E N"

Tambouri: an original decoration, indoor or outdoor

This set of "Tambouri" contains four elements made of spinnaker, which you assemble as you wish to form a garland for outside, a mobile for your interior, a colorful curtain or any other idea that you would go through! Kite flyers can use them as a decoration to hang behind a kite or an inflatable structure.

You can imagine everything, using one or more sets of Tambouri (each set contains several elements with swivels and line). A colourful deco that finds its place in all parts of the house as well as outside.

Comes with swivel hook clips and 2 meters of braided line.
Colours in Motion NP458840
Tambouri OPEN Mobile for indoor outdoor Colours in Motion Wolfgang Grimsel rings discs spinnaker fabric decorations garlands colours circles seventies
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