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Switch - Single-line...
Alain Micquiaux

Switch - Single-line Stunt Kite - ORANGE


Alain Micquiaux

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Weight: 980 g (Switch only)
Wind: Force 1 to 5 (Beaufort)
Sail: Nylon 42 g/m²
Frame: 3 mm fiberglass
Design: Alain MICQUIAUX (France)

SWITCH - The kite with no sense! - Single-line Stunt Kite

It is often said that a kite looks like another kite, but you will see that the SWITCH is like NO OTHER kite!

This kite is a beautiful, TRUE novelty, designed by French designer Alain Micquiaux who is well known for both his artistic and kite-flying talents!

You will be able to use the SWITCH in two ways:

• in static mode, leave the SWITCH climb gently in the sky and watch this magnificent spectacle. You may attach the line to a stake and install several SWITCH kites with different colors... magical!

• in stunt mode, play with the line and the SWITCH is an amazing stunt kite, hyper reactive. Shake it and you'll quickly understand its capabilities: forward, reverse, yoyo, axel, fade... not to mention all the figures that you will be able to invent! The SWITCH is ultra playful, the pilot ultra happy!

The SWITCH requires no assembly: take it out of the bag and presto! it is ready to fly! When you are finished, a gesture and presto! it is folded... in the style of the famous "2 seconds" tents.

Easy to learn, fun, colorful, the SWITCH is the perfect kite for relaxation... Think about it for your next gift ideas and remember that the kite is also for adults!

Made in France. Comes with its circular storage bag (Ø 35 cm).

Each model is numbered and signed by the designer ALAIN MICQUIAUX.

Caution: the line is not included with the kite. You may use a "comfortable" Dyneema line (90kg x approx. 40 meters). We also recommend you wear gloves because you are going to play a lot with the line (let go, pull, let go again, etc.).
Alain Micquiaux SWITCHORANGE
Switch Single line Stunt Kites orange Alain Micquiaux Miquiaux Zézé static playful circular round poppy poppies gifts presents adults teens teenagers made in France French make artists creators unique numbered
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