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Stack of 3 Leon II...

Stack of 3 Leon II Diamond Stunt Kites

Brand: Spiderkites. Reference 181055.
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Age: 12 + years
Dimensions: 80 x 83 cm
Wind: Force 2 to 6 (Beaufort)
Sail: Ripstop Nylon
Recommended lines: Included
Frame: Fiberglass
If you like the Art Deco style, this train of 3 Leon is for you!

Three large diamonds, each with a matching tail of 13 meters long. The installation is simple, the storage is easy thanks to a large bag that accommodates the three mounted kites (which avoids disassemble at each session).

ABOVE ALL: what a pleasure for the pilot to paint the sky with this set! The overall aesthetic is undeniable, the tails offer a real show, passersby stop... pure happiness!

In this new version with new colours, some improvements have been made so as to optimize control and speed and obtain a more reactive flight (still easy, though).

Comes complete with storage bag, wrist straps and Polyester lines on winder.

There is also a version with FIVE kites instead of THREE. See item reference #181058.
Spiderkites 181055
Wolkenstürmer Stacks of three Leon Stunt Kites diamonds tails wolkenstuermer
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