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Spyder - Speed Kite

Spyder - Speed Kite



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Age: 16 + years
Dimensions: 160 x 63 cm
Weight: 210 g
Material: Nylon 40D
Wind: Force 3 to 6 (Beaufort)
Frame: carbone 6mm
Spyder - Speed Kite - Spiderkites

After years of designing and building speed kites we thought it’s time to come up with something that even newbies in the world of Kite Racing can enjoy without frustration.

Our Spyder is relatively simple to launch and as soon as it has built up some speed it is easy to maneuver. The kite has a good punch even in loops, but it’s yet reliable on the edge of the wind window.

Well, it is fast and speedy. And that is, considering its general well behavior, part of the fun. And isn’t that was you asked for?
All in all the Spyder is an ideal “second” kite with the potential to be a long lasting friend.

Lines and wrist straps are not included (sold separately). Recommended line strength 75kg.
Spiderkites 020006
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