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Spaceman Costume for...
Souza for kids

Spaceman Costume for kids 3-7 years


Souza for kids

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Put on your suit of astronaut and go to the conquest of space on the vessel of your imagination! A costume made of thick fabric, to be well protected: ready to live in weightlessness!

Once upon a time by Souza...

In a far-away castle, there lived a girl called Souza. Souza always had the most wonderful adventures. Some of them were exciting, some even a little scary, but they always ended happily. Souza's stories were very own fairy tales; Now she and her friends want you to join them in their adventures !

From the start, the owner of "Souza for Kids" recognized a need for high quality children's costumes in various countries. Given her passion for textiles and belief in the importance of stimulating creative play in children, she began designing a totally new line of costumes that were not only safe and comfortable, but far more artistic and imaginative than what was previously available.
Souza for kids 593
Spaceman Souza for Kids Costumes for children little boys astronauts space conquest
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