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Skywatch Windoo 3 -...

Skywatch Windoo 3 - Complete Weather Station for Smartphone



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Skywatch Windoo 3 for Smartphone - Complete weather station with wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity and pressure

Small and aesthetic, to your wrist with a strap or attached to your keychain, the Skywatch Windoo is the essential weather station for any outdoor activity. This accessory for your smartphone is equipped with a multi-directional propeller and its magnetic transmission for wind speed, with its sensors for temperature, humidity and pressure.

The Skywatch Windoo is an instrument developed for your smartphone with latest technology Swiss Made sensors. Sapphire bearings, anodized aluminum housing, stainless steel shaft and carbon protective case: the Skywatch Windoo is a robust and accurate sensor.

The use of Skywatch Windoo requires downloading and installing the Windoo application, available for Android and iPhone systems. Click here to know more about the compatible smartphones.

The Skywatch Windoo 3 includes :
• Windoo device in aluminum
• Carbone protective
• Key ring
• Wrist strap

Skywatch Windoo functions
Windoo 1XX--
Windoo 2XXX-
Windoo 3XXXX

Skywatch Windoo 3 specifications
Wind3 km/h150 km/h± 2%± 0.1 km/hkm/h, m/s, fps, mph, knots, Bft
Temperature-25 °C60 °C± 0.3 °C± 0.1 °C°C, °F
Humidity5 %HR95 %HR± 4 %HR± 0.1 %HR%HR
Pressure300 hPa1100 hPa± 0.2 hPa± 0.1 hPahPa, mbar, inHg

Skywatch XP1
Skywatch Windoo three Anemometers for Smartphones measure wind speed temperature humidity air relative atmospheric pressure android applications iphones jdc électronique electronic swiss made switzerland Yverdon les Bains sensors instruments
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