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Shadow Puppets - The...
Coco d'en haut

Shadow Puppets - The unicorn and the fairy

Brand: Coco d'en haut. Reference 93585.
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Age: 5 + years
Dimensions: Jacket L 12,5 x H 32,5 cm
Material: paper, wood, metal
In a pretty paper jacket, a great treasure... The unicorn and the fairy.

Punch out the pre-cut silhouettes, assemble the different parts with brad, stick on the shadow discs and hey presto, tell fabulous stories!

Contents :
• 2 articulated shadow puppets;
• 8 shadow discs;
• 2 brads;
• 4 manipulation rods;

Made in France.
Coco d'en haut FORMID-LICORNE
unicorns fairy fairies princesses cocodenhaut coco of in top silhouettes shading precut assemble fasteners Paris pellets the formidable articulated stories theater rods tell children a stories
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