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Set of 3 Flypes with...

Set of 3 Flypes with protective cover



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Age: 6 + years
Dimensions: Flype 9,4 x 6,1 cm
Contents: 3 Flypes, a protectove cover

The Flype: reveal your talents!

At first glance, it's magic: this little multicolored object that weighs less than a gram, spins at your fingertips...

And then, with a little skill and practice, anyone can do it, each with its own style. We can make spectacular figures, challenge each other, invent choreographies...

Upwind, the Flype spins on its own! It is a great accessory for all sliding and urban sports (skate, rollerblade) and beach games.

The Flype is a very thin object, ultra light but not fragile if you take care of it. When crumpled, put it gently into its protective cover, a kind of small regenerative cocoon allowing it to resume its original shape. After 15 minutes, it is ready to be used again!

Take a look at the videos to get an idea about this great invention.

The Flype is an invention of Xavier SÉNÉMAUD. Registered patents and designs.

Made in France. Each package contains 3 flypes with different colors and graphics.
Flype 830
Set of three Flypes with protective covers skill games balance fingers fingertips wind Xavier SÉNÉMAUD
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Flype the game of skill that turns at the end of your finger, a family toy to express oneself and develop one's creativity
Set of 3 Flypes with protective cover Flype View product page Set of 3 Flypes with protective cover View video
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