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Revolution Kites

Revolution Speed Series Supersonic Vented

Brand: Revolution Kites. Reference 6462.
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Wind: Force 3 to 6 (Beaufort)
Sail: Ripstop Polyester, Mylar
Frame: Carbon
Revolution Supersonic Vented - Quadline Speed Kite - Speed Series by Revolution

The Supersonic for high winds up to 6 Bft...

The Supersonic is a machine for speed. It can reach speeds to 70 mph!

Agile and precise, the Supersonic is not to be put in the hands of a beginner. It can be used in a wide wind range (from 2 to 5 Bft) and requires some skills at of quadline flying.

It offers unique sensations !!!

The Supersonic comes with sleeve, handles and DVD.
Revolution Kites VSRV06011
Revolution Speed Series Supersonic vented high winds strong stunt kites sports quadlines lines sonic fast quick revkites black gold
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